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Federal & State plus E-File  April 26, 2012 – 01:21 pm
Intuit TurboTax Deluxe Federal After waiting on the phone for about 20 minutes than abruptly cut off when down to 5, and then for about 45 minutes for an chat answer see below. I have no idea about where I stand now - whether the rep will send me anything at all.

ME: I purchased the Deluxe Fed & State via Amazon. After finishing the Fed 2012. I wanted to start the State. I was then asked to purchase the Fed product for $29 before continuing - in spite of my already paying for the CD. I called your Customer Support on Sunday and was given a service code. I entered it and then got a pop-up claiming that the code had already been redeemed. I can't file the taxes via E-file or do my state, as your product claimed,

Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please....
Network connection re-established.
ME: What did I not do when installing CD? There is no request for proof of purchase or key code, etc. when installing.
ME: Amazon will take the CD back. If I cannot resolve this I will send it back.
10_Anh V: hello. of course I can help you with that.
ME: I'm all ears.
10_Anh V: Alright, So you tried to enter a code and it was already redeemed, correct?
ME: Yes.
ME: Code was 6ZY6UF4T6NTDS
10_Anh V: Alright, unfortunately if it's already redeemed. only code can be only used once.
10_Anh V: so I can give you a download for a free state. brand new download
10_Anh V: so please send it back
ME: Why did you give me a used code? What are saying?
10_Anh V: the code is not used
10_Anh V: the program you had used it already
Thank you for using InstantService. You may now close this window.

Source: ttlc.intuit.com

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Just get TaxCut Deluxe, $20 Total

After rebate, TaxCut Deluxe would be $20. It'll take care of your federal and state filings. Well worth it.
I should mention that I used to use TurboTax, but switched to TaxCut this year. This year, TurboTax had added a troublesome registration process that ties the software to one machine, and also installs some spyware.

Scott Burns: Stealth tax on retiree income has sky-rocketed  — Denton Record Chronicle
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